Canada Supreme Ct. Rpts

Official bilingual series (English/French) published under authority of the Supreme Court Act. This collection includes more than 9,400 cases (1876-2012) which include background information, statutes and regulations, authors cited, analysis and the decision. For some years, only indexing is available.

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Checkpoint (RIA)

Tax, accounting, audit, corporate finance, international trade — these complex and constantly changing topics generate equally complex questions and Checkpoint has answers for all of them. Checkpoint provides expert editorial analysis form RIA and guidance from WG&L authors and PPC experts. See everything related to your topic at a glance - source materials, analysis, tools, news and even online courses.

CCH Intelliconnect

CCH Intelliconnect (formerly CCH Tax Research Network)

This is a searchable full-text database covering numerous federal and state tax materials.

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