Wireless Printing

Did you know you can print right from your laptop?

In order to print from your laptop log into: or click on the “Release Print Job” link on the main Law Library website at http://library.law.olemiss.edu. To log in, you must have a print account. Print accounts are usually created for you at the beginning of your first semester as a law student.  See the Service Desk if you are not sure of your username and/or password.

Once you are logged in choose “Web Print” from the left hand menu.

Click on the link “Submit a job”.

Choose one of the printers in room 1032 (computer lab) or the printer on the second floor, room 2000A. Room 1032 is located near the Library Service Desk. Room 2000A is on the second floor, next to the microfiche room.

Click on #2, “Print Options and Account Selection”. Choose the number of copies to print, the default is 1.

Click on #3, upload the document.

Browse for the document on your computer. The documents must be from the Microsoft Office Suite (doc, docx, xls, etc) or a PDF. The document must be formatted to print in portrait mode on plain, letter size paper. Once you have found the documents, click on #4, Upload and Complete.

Once you have uploaded the documents, you will have to “release” the print job in order to complete the printing transaction.

Click on the “Held in a queue” link.

Find your print job. If your print job is not listed, click on the “Refresh Now” button near the top of the page. Other users’ print jobs may also be listed, so be sure you select the correct job.

Once you have found your print job, click on “Print” to print the job and have the charge deducted from your account. If you choose “cancel” the print job will be deleted from the queue.

Print jobs that are not released within 60 minutes will be automatically deleted.

To ensure the security of your account, you MUST log out after you release all of your print jobs. If your account is left logged in, another user could drain your account of funds. Refunds will not be issued, if this happens.

Users may still add money by visiting the Service Desk.

Note that you cannot print documents in landscape orientation when using wireless printing. Your document must be formatted for letter size paper, as our printers do not have legal size paper available. If you need to change the default print settings for your document, please print from one of the lab computers.

If you have any questions, please ask a Librarian or anyone at the Service Desk.