Online Study Aids

We offer UM law students access to a variety of digital online study aids from major legal publishers.

Access LexisNexis Digital Library – Understanding, Mastering, Q&A and more

Access West Academic Study Aids – Hornbooks, Nutshells, and other study aids

Access Aspen / Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library – Examples & Explanations, Casenotes, Emanuels, and more

We also offer a group subscription to Quimbee.  UM law students will receive an invitation via email to join our Quimbee group.  For more information about the signup process, see the law school student group instructions.

CALI provides more than 1,200 interactive, computer-based lessons covering 40 legal education subject areas.  CALI also offers law school success lessons, podcasts, and free e-books.

Lexis-Nexis Courtroom Cast provides video files of actual trials, audio recordings of judicial opinions in notable cases, and training libraries for trial advocacy, appellate advocacy, and evidence.  Courtroom Cast is available through Lexis+.  Log in to your Lexis account and select Courtroom Cast from the matrix in the upper left corner of the Lexis+ home page.