Book A Room

Please note the Library’s study room reservation policy:

  • Students may make no more than one room reservation per day, for a time period not to exceed three hours. Room reservations will not be allowed more than three days in advance.
  • As before, room reservations are intended for study groups; reservations are not allowed unless there are three or more students in the study group for the two larger rooms (2017 and 2020), and two or more for the smaller rooms (2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023).
  • If there is no reservation for a particular time, students are welcome to use the study rooms as they wish.

We hope this system will allow for an equitable allocation of the study rooms, and help to ensure that, as much as possible, all students who wish to use the rooms will be able to do so.  As always, if you have a better idea to ensure an equitable distribution of the rooms we’ll be happy to listen, and we can revisit this policy next semester if it appears beneficial to the student body as a whole.

Note:  You must be on campus to book a room.  Your device must be connected via the Ole Miss wireless (or wired) network.

Book a Room