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L.Q.C. Lamar 1825-1893
Labor and Employment Law
Landsat 7: Past, Present and Future
Law and Legal Education as a Hotbed for the Novel: The Case of Goethe
Law and Regulation Governing U.S. Commercial Spaceports: Licensing, Liability, and Legal Challenges
Law, Fossils, and the Configuring of Hegel's Philosophy of Nature
Legal And Regulatory Challenges To Leveraging Insurance For Commercial Space
Legal Considerations in Voluntary Corporate Environmental Reporting
Legal Research on the Internet

LegalTrac is a general index to legal and law related journals, magazines, and newspapers. Its coverage begins in 1980. It includes citations from over a thousand publications.

Legislacion Espacial: Avances y Perspectivas
Legislative and Regulatory Efforts to Minimize Expansion of Invasive Mussels through Watercraft Movements
Lesser Included Offenses in Mississippi
Lessons from Islamic Polygamy: A Case for Expanding the American Concept of Surviving Spouse so as to Include De Facto Polygamous Spouses
Lessons from the Past - A History of American Law in Times of Crisis
Let Bush and Gore Teach Persuasion

Lexis contains articles from several hundred law reviews. Coverage begins in the 1980s or 1990s, depending on the journal. You can use either natural language or terms and connectors searching...

Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law Access
Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law
Lexis-Nexis Directory of Law Reviews

Life Planning in Florida
Life-with-Hope Sentencing
Limits on Space Weapons: Incorporating the Law of War into the Corpus Juris Spatialis
Locke, Spinoza, and the Idea of Political Equality
Lotteries, Revenues and Social Costs: A Historical Examination of State-Sponsored Gambling
Love Don't Live Here Anymore": Economic Incentives for a More Equitable Model of Urban Redevelopment