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If You Legislate It They Will Come: Using Incentive Based Legislation to Attract the Commercial Space Industry
Implementing Just Mercy
In memoriam Carl Quimby Christol, 1913-2012
In Memoriam of Gretchen J. Harris
In Search of an Independent Judiciary: Alternatives to Judicial Elections in Mississippi
In Ten Years, All New Law Schools!
Incorporation, Total Incorporation, and Nothing But Incorporation?
Inculcation, Bias, and Viewpoint Discrimination in Public Schools
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

Indexes articles and book reviews appearing in more than 500 legal journals published worldwide.

Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective

Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective is available through Lexis and Westlaw and separately through Ebsco host.

Indian Gaming: Congress Sends the Tribes Into a Constitutional Fray, But Did It Intend To?
Informed Consent v. ITAR: Regulatory Conflicts That Could Constrain Commercial Human Space Flight

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Insider Trading in Mutual Funds
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International Cooperation: The Key to Space Security
International Law Research

International Law Research

International Space Policy: Legal, Economic, and Strategic Options for the Twentieth Century and Beyond
International Tax Update
Interrogating Terrorists: From Miranda Warnings to "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,"
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Intoxication and Extreme-Recklessness Murder: Presenting and Preserving the Issues
Introduction: "Rethinking" American Family Law
Investment Credit Recapture Upon a Change in Business Form
Iqbal's Retro Revolution
Is a State Law Prohibiting "Substantial Delay" in Filing Habeas Petitions Adequate to Support a Procedural Bar?
Is Legal Education About to Change?
Issues for Tax Exempt Entities