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Dance Halls, Masquerades, Body Protest and the Law: The Female Body as a Redemptive Tool Against Trinidad's Gender-Biased Laws

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Contracts Final Exam (2014)
Dean Sam Davis: A Tribute
Deans Panel on Socioeconomics and the Law School Curriculum
Deans Panel on Socioeconomics and the Law School Curriculum
Death of a Sales Tax and Other Stories: A Review of the 1987 Florida Supreme Court Cases Dealing with Taxation
Dedication to Judge James O. Haley
Dedication to Larry S. Bush
Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damages Assessment: Where Does the Money Go?
Defining Data Availability for Commercial Remote Sensing Systems under United States Federal Law
Defining the Contours of the Emerging Fraudulent Misjoinder Doctrine
Delusion by Analysis: The Surrogate Mother Problem
Developments in Space Security and Their Legal Implications
Digital Child Pornography and the Fourth Amendment
Directory of Law Reviews
Disability and Benefits in Mississippi Workers Compensation
Disallowance of Interest Deductions In Tax-Motivated Transactions
Discretion Without Guidance: The Need to Give Meaning to Sec. 3553 after Booker and its Progeny
Disinformation Expert Reveals Destructive Power of Fake News
Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism
Distinguishing Sales and Leases: A Primer on the Scope and Purpose of UCC Article 2A
DNA Fingerprinting, Genetic Information, and Privacy Interests
Do the Due Process Protections against Unreliable Identification Evidence Apply to All Identifications Made under Suggestive Circumstances?
Documentary Evidence in Civil Cases
Documentary Evidence in Civil Cases
Documentary Evidence in Civil Cases
Legal Aspect of Implementing World Heritage Convention Using Remote Sensing
Does Hegal Justify Slavery
Domestic and International Strategies to Address Climate Change: an Overview of the WTO Legal Issues
Duly Convicted: The Thirteenth Amendment as Procedural Due Process
Dura, Loss Causation, and Mutual Funds: A Requiem for Private Claims?