Seat and Room Booking

The law library is now using a new seat and room booking system.  You can now book a specific individual seat, as well as one of the available group study rooms.  The new system allows you to make reservations from off campus as well as on campus.  When you book a seat or a room, you will login using your university webID credentials.

Use of the reservation system is limited to law students, law faculty, and law staff.

Note that access to the law center building is restricted to members of the law school community evenings and weekends.

We welcome your feedback about the new seat and room reservation system. Please email us at if you have any problems with it or any suggestions for improvements.

Open Seating
Most seats in the library are “general admission” — that is, you may choose your own seat in any of the library’s open public seating areas.

Reservation-Required Seating
In a few of the library’s more popular spaces — the Reading Room and Room 1021 on the first floor and the carrel room on the second — seat reservations are now available. Reservations may be made up to two days in advance and for up to eight hours in one day.

General Rules

The reading room on the first floor, and all of the second floor, including the carrel room, are quiet study areas.  Please reserve one of our group study rooms if you need to participate in a Zoom class or meeting.

If you are using a group study room to participate in a Zoom class, please consider using headphones or a headset.  This will improve your audio quality and reduce the likelihood of disturbing other library patrons.

Please do not leave personal belongings unattended. The library cannot guarantee their security. Check at the main desk about “lost and found” items.
Please do not relocate tables, chairs, and other library furniture.

Reservation Rules

If you take a seat in a reservation-required space without a reservation, we ask that you be prepared to move immediately if someone with a reservation arrives.
If you have a reservation, but do not “check in” upon arrival, another student may reserve the seat after one hour and we ask that you be prepared to move immediately.
If your reserved seat is vacant, another student may reserve the seat after one hour.

Study groups should not monopolize a space by signing up for sequential two hour blocks under different names.


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