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Finding Articles

Mississippi Law Journal

Here you will find links to online databases and indexes containing full text, abstracts, or citations to law related articles in journals, magazines, and similar publications.
Articles published in scholarly journals, such as law journals or law reviews, tend to be longer and more theoretical. They are typically heavily footnoted. Articles in practice oriented publications, such as bar journals or legal newspapers, tend to be shorter and more practical. They are typically lightly footnoted.

World Constitutions Illustrated

This library enables legal scholars to research the constitutional and political development of every country in the world. It includes the current constitution for every country in its original language format and an English translation, as well as substantial constitutional histories for countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many more. It also includes constitutional periodicals, thousands of classic books, other related works such as the World Fact Book, links to scholarly articles and online resources, and bibliographic references.