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Pete Rose, Bart Giamatti, and the Dowd Report, 68 Miss. L.J. 889 (1999).
Philip C. Jessup Library

Through special arrangement with the International Law Students Association (ILSA) this collection provides access to all of the top international law moot court competitions since 1960.

Physician-Assisted Suicide in the Dark Ward: The Intersection of the Thirteenth Amendment and Health Care Treatments Having Disproportionate Impacts on Disfavored Groups
Planning for Generation-Skipping Transfers with QTIP Trusts
Playoff Profits for Academic Programs
Pleasant Grove City v. Summum: Monuments, Messages, and the Next Establishment Clause
Practicing Proportionality
Pre-1900 Mississippi Legal Authority
Predictive Coding and the Changing Legal Marketplace: Correspondent’s Report from the United States
Pretrial Publicity in High Profile Trials: An Integrated Approach to Protecting the Right to a Fair Trial and the Right to Privacy
Preventing the Spread of Zebra and Quagga Mussels: The Role of the Lacey Act
Preview of Abramski v. United States
Preview of Dean v. United States
Preview of Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Beck
Preview of Johnson v. United States
Preview of Kansas v. Gleason
Preview of Mcquiggian v. Perkins
Preview of Montgomery v. Louisiana
Preview of Perry v. New Hampshire
Preview of Peugh v. United States
Preview of United States v. Castleman
Preview of Walker v. Martin
Preview of Whitfield v. United States
Priests, Lawyers, and Scholars
Prima Paint Pushed Compulsory Arbitration Under the Erie Train, 2 Brook. J. Corp.
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Procedural Due Process Meets National Security: The Problem of Classified Evidence in Immigration Proceedings
Procedural Proportionality
Proceedings, The First International Conference on the State of Remote Sensing Law
Professional Responsibility in Focus
Professor John Robin Bradley, a Man of Grace, Humor, and Integrity
Promulgating Proportionality
Property Rights Reviewed and Reexamined
Prosecutorial Ethics: The Charging Decision
Prosecutorial Ethics: The Duty to Disclose Exculpatory Material