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E-books on EBSCOhost

This database includes the full-text of a variety of scholarly and popular press books. It also includes some peer reviewed journals.

Earth Observations: Bringing Space Policy from the Industrial Age to the Space Age
Practice, Policy, and Ethics 2nd Edition, Ch 7
Educating Athletes: Re-Envisioning the Student-Athlete Model
Effect of Particularized Instructions on Evaluation of Eyewitness Identification Evidence
Effective Appellate Advocacy: Tips from the Teams
Eighth Amendment Differences
Eighth Amendment Presumptions
Ellie Campbell
Email Alerts

Law faculty and students may find the following services helpful for staying up-to-date on new scholarship, case law, and other legal development.  use the hyperlinks to visit the homepages, and...

Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Religion: The Ban on Federal Funding As a Violation of the Establishment Clause
Emerging Issues in Gaming Law: A Call for Scholars
Employee-Athletes, Antitrust, and the Future of College Sports
Ending Death by Dangerousness
Ending the Death Lottery: A Case Study of Ohio's Broken Proportionality Review
English Reports

Contains .pdf images of the original bound reprint edition, containing more than 100,000 cases. Also includes Indexes and Book of Charts.

Enhancing "Education": Rebalancing the Relationship Between Athletics and the University
Environmental Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Involvement: Searching for Common Ground
Environmental Law
Environmental Protection: Implications for the Air Transport Industry and Latest Developments in the UNIDROIT Convention/Aircraft Protocol
ERISA's Preemption Clause and the Health Care Industry: An Abdication of Judicial Law-Creating Authority
ERISA's Preemption Clause: Progress Towards a More Equitable Preemption of State Laws
Essays On State-Of-The-Art Environmental Policy Tools
Estate and Gift Taxation: What to Expect Under the Obama Administration
Estates and Tax Planning for Retirement Plans and Minimum Distribution Rules
Ethical Considerations for Tax Practitioners
Ethical Issues for Federal Practitioners
European Cntr for Minority Issues

The ECMI conducts practice-oriented research, provides information and documentation, and offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe.

Exam Archive

Exclusion and Other Remedies: The Irrelevancy of the Fourth Amendment in the Roberts Court
Expedited Appeals in Kentucky
ExpressO Article Submissions

ExpressO is a service that allows you to quickly and electronically submit your article(s) for publication in law reviews around the country.

Extending the Good Faith Exception?
Extraordinary and Compelling: A Re-examination of the Justifications for Compassionate Release