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What is CALI?

California's Territorial Turn in Choice of Law
Can the Accommodationist Achieve Pluralism?
Canada Supreme Ct. Rpts

Official bilingual series (English/French) published under authority of the Supreme Court Act.

Cancellation of Indebtedness Income Outside Bankruptcy
Carbon Trading and the CDM in WTO Law
Cardinal Stepinac and the Catholic Church in Croatia
Cardinal Stepinac, Pope Pius XII, and the Roman Catholic Church During the Second World War
Cards and Dice in Smoky Rooms: Tobacco Bans and Modern Casinos
Caremark's Irrelevance
Cataloguing a Contested Classic: Joseph Baldwin's 'Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi' (1853)
Catie Hester
Causal Connection of Disease Proved by Non-Physician Expert
CCH Database Information

Access to CCH Intelliconnect (formerly the CCH Tax Research Network) is provided via the J. D. Williams Library. Users must create an individual user ID to access this database.

CCH Intelliconnect

CCH Intelliconnect (formerly CCH Tax Research Network)

This is a searchable full-text database covering numerous federal and state tax materials.

Chancellor Emeritus Robert C. Khayat
Changing Corporate Behavior Through Environmental Management Systems
Changing the Face of Environmentalism
Charitable Deductions
Checking Up on the Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Crisis in Mississippi: Are Additional Tort Reforms the Cure?
Checkpoint (RIA)

Tax, accounting, audit, corporate finance, international trade — these complex and constantly changing topics generate equally complex questions and Checkpoint has answers for all of them.

Child Abuse: A Pervasive Problem of the 80s
Child Pornography Statutes and New Legislation
Child Support Orders: The Common Law Framework-- Part II
Child Support Orders: The Federal State Partnership--Part I
Children in the Legal System: Case and Materials
Children's Rights and the Law
Children's Rights Under the Law
Christopher Noe
Civil Rights, Confederate Flags, and Political Correctness: Free Speech and Race Relations on Campus
Clarity and Reasonable Doubt in Early State-Constitutional Judicial Review
Classroom Technology

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Coastal Zone Management and the Search for Integration
Constitutional Law Spring 1992
Codifying Necessity: Legislative Resistance to Enacting Choice-of-Evils Defenses to Criminal Liability
Collecting One's Due: Interest on Workers' Compensation Disability, Death & Medical Benefits