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"Any Willing Provider" Laws and ERISA's Saving Clause: A New Solution for an Old Problem
"Veer-Zaara: Love and Law in Bollywood,"
'A House Divided': A Response to Professor Abbe Smith's "In Praise of the Guilty Project: A Criminal Defense Lawyer's Growing Anxiety about Innocence Projects"
A Bad Bet: Federal Criminalization of Nevada's Collegiate Sports Books
A Matter of National Importance: The Persistent Inefficiency of Deceptive Advertising Class Actions
A Student’s Guide to the Internal Revenue Code
A Vision of Search and Seizure Protection
An Improper Reopening under Section 71-3-53
Artistic Convention and Natural Law: Didactic Treatment of Authority in Works of Fielding, Hawthorne, and Fritz Lang
Book Review of Terry Pinkard, Hegel: A Biography (Cambridge University Press, 2000)
Book Review of The Natural Rights Republic: Studies in the Foundation of the American Tradition (University of Notre Dame Press, 1996)
Cases and Materials on Mississippi Workers' Compensation
Closing the Loopholes in Workers' Compensation Coverage
Comments on Martin Lybecker's Enhanced Corporate Governance. (F. Hodge O'Neal Corporate and Securities Law Symposium: Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Institutional Investors)
Compassion, Hatred, and Free Expression
Conceptualizing the Dangers of the "Least Dangerous" Branch: A Typology of Judicial Constitutional Violation
Defense Counsel and the Death Penalty: An Obligation to Oppose the Theory Behind the Punishment?
Direct Criminal Contempt and the Trial Attorney: Constitutional Limitations on the Contempt Power
Earth Observations: The View from the Ground
Eduard Gans and the Hegelian Philosophy of Law
Effect of Particularized Instructions on Evaluation of Eyewitness Identification Evidence
Equal Protection Considerations Of The Spousal Sexual Assault Exclusion
Equitable Distribution: Implementing the Marital Partnership Theory Through the Dual Classification System
Family Limited Partnership Update
Field Warehousing Cattle and Their Sale on Recognized Markets
Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in Workers' Compensation Appeals
Gambling with the Bronx Bombers: Betting On, Against, and With the Yankees
International Tax Guide: United States Income Taxation
John Wade: Teacher, Lawyer, Scholar
Memorial and Dedication to Professor Tom Mason
Mississippi Courts 1790-1869
Mississippi Criminal Trial Practice
Natural Law, the Constitution, and Judicial Moral Expertise: An Epistemic Analysis, Vera Lex
Note,The Morality of MP3s: The Failure of the Record Industry’s Plan of Attack
Of Alligators and Hotel Beds: A Review of Florida Supreme Court Decisions on Taxation for 1985
One-Half Century and Counting: The Evolution of U.S. National Space Law and Three Long-term Emerging Issues